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Online Dating is made for Women Jun. 22nd, 2015 @ 04:11 am
You know you got me really intrigued. Internet dating was not made for the man but for the woman. I've gone through the evolution of online dating trying to figure it out and that's the one thing I've learned. Internet Dating is made for the woman, not the man. At first when I started to come online a few years back, I acted like we were on an even playing field but I moved forward hesitantly, for fear I would get rejected. Oh the fear of rejection, how crippling it can be! But wait, it was online, surely from what I've learned from the theory of online self disclosure, this was false! The person on the other end would truly be more apt at really getting to know someone. It surely could not be as superficial as it is in a drunken fraternity house! Definitely not! So I slowly crept out from my underneath my shell and started engaging the women online. I would spend the time to read every detail of every word they posted. I would take a step back and based off of what I read, I would mold my response to something witty that would both let her know I had read her profile but took the time to tailor my response just for her. Figuring the extra time and effort would pay dividends. I even wrote my profile to be humorous, intelligent, active and family oriented. I did all that. One day after all my effort and frustration of not getting responses, I noticed I had written 72 of these type of introductory correspondences.... and had received three responses back, all from one girl who like you kept changing her mind and was letting a single chink in my armour derail any chance we may have had.

And so I continued on this roller coaster that is online dating. Up and down I went trying to figure it all out. Up and down my interests went for it realizing that at some point over the past few years this roller coaster had become too common and was no longer exciting but was the only thing I knew. And so I continued. Up and down. With little to no luck, I sought the advice of my friend. She told me which pictures to use, cautioned me to stay mysterious for it would keep the woman intrigued and wanting a little bit more resulting in a date, and she read my lengthy description I had written about myself and she agreed was funny, intelligent, active and family oriented, everything I wanted to convey and told me to delete it all except for one sentence that is still there... bewildered I was but listened I did. Not 24 hours later, I received an unsolicited message in my inbox. How excited I was. Perhaps she had cracked the code! And so I continued and soon after that flame that had burnt so brightly attracting women from so far away like a lighthouse calling to the weary sailor fizzled away. And so I stood there wondering what had changed?

I contemplated all of this one day traveling on a boat from the Isle of Santorini to Mykonos then to Athens. And on this boat ride I found the inspiration for my second sentence in my description. And so I wrote it, not thinking too much of it, but with that sentence, it spoke to women and so this lighthouse light that had fizzled away had gained new life. Had i cracked the code? I added photos of the places I had been and dinner dates it became... a few dates came and went.. and to my frustration with one girl she only ate on weekdays. And so up and down I went until that lighthouse faded away once again. It was during this time where I finally discovered that online dating was in favor of the woman and not the man. For all the effort I had placed hadn't really changed my circumstances as they are now. So I took a different approach...

I relegated to the wise words I had come to revere back in my past. Knock on 31 doors, and one will surely open, one sale would be made. The wise words of a college curriculum which included cold calling from door to door. And so I clicked clicked clicked clicked clicked clicked clicked clicked yes. I swiped swiped swiped swiped swiped right right right right right and yes. I sat back and with little thought; I knocked on 31 doors. This is when you came across my screen for the third time. The other times I had tried and your lighthouse light had failed. So what the heck, "Hi! How have you been? We going to grab dinner this time" expecting another downward turn on this roller coaster ride.... but intrigued she was for she said yes. Still trying to stay mysterious when the coffee would not schedule, I did not say much.... and to no avail we did not "make a good match." What's that secret phrase?... I wonder... what's that secret approach? So I asked and suddenly coffee was back on the table? Bewildered am I.
when you mentioned coffee... i thought to myself, this girl probably would not let me treat her like a lady. She probably would not let me buy her dinner... as beautiful as she is, she probably wouldn't let me take her on a proper date... What is it with California women killing chivalry from the beginning, not allowing themselves to be treated like a lady... she's probably right, we're probably not compatible... so what the heck, i'll just get this off my chest and maybe say it in a funny, humorous way. I don't know if you got any enjoyment out of that, but *shrugs* its not like we'll ever meet.

Either way, I really do hope you find what you are looking for... but take it from me, let yourself be treated to dinner cause men still want to be men, even if online dating is made for women.

Do all dems feel the same way? (obviously not) Aug. 31st, 2011 @ 01:19 am
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Maybe, I'm way off base.

Doorknob Jul. 10th, 2011 @ 01:17 pm
I posted this on my buddy Mike's facebook wall.

Hey buddy. This is one of those stories I gotta tell you about, you'd appreciate it and say something like, that kinda stuff always happens to ONLY you rich...

Ok so there's this patio, right..? and this patio is supported by a few structure pipes, 2-3 inches and made of metal. cemented to the ground and supported at the top by, well i didn't get a chance to check...

Anyways, remember that game "doorknob?" You know the one, the one where if someone farts, they have to say "safety" and if they don't people playing in the game can yell out "doorknob!" You know the one, right? Yelling doorknob causes the person who farted take off in a sprint and find a doorknob to touch. While the person is running to a doorknob, the other people playing can be punching and hitting the person looking for the doorknob until they touch it.

So, well, Friday night, me and my roommate and another friend of mine were just about to leave this house party, it was getting late and well there weren't many opportunites there. Anyways, this guy playing the game with my roommate and i, farted. My roommate yelled "doorknob!" Dude takes off running, as do I and I'm right behind him. Anyways, this guy, its his house, so he knows the lay of the land pretty well and manages to dodge every obstacle. Me on the other hand, I don't know the house all that well and I'm just about to grab the guy to start hitting him, when this pole comes out of no where. I run right into the pole head first and literally take it out. I mean I take it out, the pole is no longer supporting the patio roof, its on the ground, as am I.

My roommate, who was right behind me in the chase says this, I see you running and suddenly you fall onto your knees. I heard the metal pings and dings of the metal pipe land on the floor, and then see blood start gushing out.

Haha, dude, it was funny. Anyways, 7 hours later, I got 10 stitches across my head. But hey I don't know many people who can say they got in a fight with a pole and won. Richard vs Pole: 1 to 0.

i'll share some stories later... miss you mike, Feb. 9th, 2011 @ 10:03 pm
There’s so much to say… Soo Many memories…. Soo many good GREAT times!
Laughed about the Truck in the garage
First touchdown pass
My favorite story- dancing that Halloween
Your favorite story- the elevator story
Stories we said we’d never speak again- wingman stories
Spoke to me with truth-
• Some guys can pull the fat thing off, you’re one of those guys who was made to stay thin…
• Dude, you had her until you started to speak, next time just listen.
Halloween parties in Cruces, in El paso
New Years parties
You hitting a car with your truck in mexico
Me almost getting in a fight with a gangster in Mexico cause he tried to cut in line
You not getting mad when I was drunk, probably on my birthday and puked in your truck…. I didn’t even remember…. We went to the car wash, I remember coming back to conscious there and didn’t even know why you were cleaning your truck
Looking forward to long drives so I could call you man, you always said I only called you when I drove long distances.
Losing at chess to you that one time, that only time we played, yes, I admit it man…
Always waiting for you to get off work at 11pm so that we can finally go out
• Shooting pool
• Stampede
• Downtown
Always enjoyed your company…
Never prepared to lose a friend, a BEST Friend... That’s why its so hard,…

Illegal Immigration Aug. 26th, 2010 @ 10:50 pm
I thought I would look for your insight on the topic. A friend on facebook recently 'liked' this topic

"Illegal immigration is not a new problem, Native Americans used to call it 'White People'."...

I responded with the following message
i don't know if i like this one.... This particular sarcastic message evokes hatred due to the comparison with the past... Looking back at history, the native americans were slaughtered and I imagine feared for their lives because of how the 'white man' invading their country treated them while taking over their country, not to mention the fact that the invaders were far superior 'technologically' speaking to that of the native americans. It was an uneven match.

With 'liking' that statement, are you saying that you are drawing the same comparison? Do you feel that we are being taken over forcefully? Are you fearing for your life? OR is there another view point to that statement that perhaps I'm not seeing?

I do agree however that illegal immigrants should seek legal means for getting into the country, but i do not feel that message you 'liked' accurately depicts your stance (or at least not my stance) on the subject.

But it got me thinking just exactly what the difference of opinion was and if people are actually literally 'liking' that statement because they are in fact have some sort of fear...

Ok discuss.
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» Coming Soon...
stories of Hawaii.... I would've wrote one right now, but i have an 8 hours meeting in the morning... so I'll try and write it while I'm at sea for the next two weeks.
» GOT to HAVE it
Commenting on my sister's "kids" on a wall post on facebook.
Richard Anthony Campos LOL and since when do you got kids?!
Lil sis: Kids what?!
Me: Children: Mayra Alejandra Alvarez (And btw, you're a horrible parent, not even knowing your kids!)
Friend of other sis who decided to butt in: Richard, the correct term is "have kids". LOL jk =D
Me: GET this April, No one asked for you input! GOT it? Now GET going while the GETTINGS good! GOT it?!
April: lol yea yea. It's "HAVE". LOL
Me: Let me try it again, HAVE this April, No one asked you for your input! HAVE it? Now HAVE going while the HAVINGS good! HAVE it?!.... Nope, obviously, you need to revisit who taught you to spoke english.
April: LMAO. Boy, that sea air is doing wonders for you!
» Masters of Science in System Engineering
Today, I found out that I was accepted into the very program mentioned above. My life in January will become pretty difficult with 60 hours of work/week and trying to fit in a 6 hour class on fridays, not to mention graduate level homework.
» Mama, I'm coming home! *Ozzy song*
Yeah, I'm heading home for Thanksgiving and for a buddy's wedding. It will be great, I haven't seen my family for 5 months now... Not that 5 months is all that long, I remember a few times in college I disappeared for about 3-4 months.. but this is the first time I've been so far from home, I couldn't just make a day trip to visit the family... Its an entirely different feeling than just your typical moving out of the city and being an hour away from the family, like so many of my friends in California deal with... I'm excited to go home. To El Paso, Tx... :-) Even for only 5 days... And as soon as I get back here on Sunday, I'll be getting a rental car and traveling to San Diego for the next three weeks for work... Then another week back at the office and 10 days back in El Paso again. I can't wait to see my family. My little sister is so excited that I'm coming home... as well as my other sisters and parents.. And who could forget that turkey! haha... Only thing that'll make this home trip better is if the Cowboys crush the Raiders on Thursday, but considering its the Raiders that's almost a guarantee. :-D
» Geno's vs Pat's
A question as old as Philadelphia, one might say the most important question to have answered while in Philadelphia... Geno's.... Pat's.... Which mouthwatering cheesesteak would be able to wear my mark of approval, my loyalty.... Geno's....Pat's.... Well without further Ado, I'm a "Pat's" man! Pat's Cheesesteak was... better! Better Menu, More steak, and to this guy, Better Cheesesteak!
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