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There’s so much to say… Soo Many memories…. Soo many good GREAT times!
Laughed about the Truck in the garage
First touchdown pass
My favorite story- dancing that Halloween
Your favorite story- the elevator story
Stories we said we’d never speak again- wingman stories
Spoke to me with truth-
• Some guys can pull the fat thing off, you’re one of those guys who was made to stay thin…
• Dude, you had her until you started to speak, next time just listen.
Halloween parties in Cruces, in El paso
New Years parties
You hitting a car with your truck in mexico
Me almost getting in a fight with a gangster in Mexico cause he tried to cut in line
You not getting mad when I was drunk, probably on my birthday and puked in your truck…. I didn’t even remember…. We went to the car wash, I remember coming back to conscious there and didn’t even know why you were cleaning your truck
Looking forward to long drives so I could call you man, you always said I only called you when I drove long distances.
Losing at chess to you that one time, that only time we played, yes, I admit it man…
Always waiting for you to get off work at 11pm so that we can finally go out
• Shooting pool
• Stampede
• Downtown
Always enjoyed your company…
Never prepared to lose a friend, a BEST Friend... That’s why its so hard,…
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