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Idiocracy Nov. 10th, 2009 @ 07:19 pm
So a friend mentioned today that her child who is like 6 years old or so was being chased by little girls and she found herself offering this advice to the child, "Run, don’t stop till you’re 30 and have a Master’s degree!"

That advice made me wonder..... and so I responded....

have you seen idiocracy, the movie? They make a point in the movie to suggest that 'educated' people encourage their kids to get married after an education and not reproduce until then and 'uneducated' people don't offer that advice. Over the course of a 1000 years, there are no longer educated people because we got beat in the reproduction race and there is only 'idiots' around, much because of the offering of that advice. Now I'm with you on the whole not getting married and having kids until after an education (and added time for vacations and such), but it makes me wonder.... Are we really helping our kids AND Mankind with that advice? LOL

So I got some pretty hefty goals... Nov. 4th, 2009 @ 09:18 pm
So I was developing my career goals, both long term and short term for the next 5 years at work... These goals will help determine how quickly or rather if I get raises on time or if they end up being delayed. Regardless, I've set some pretty stringent goals.

This is my 'first' real journal entry in a long time... As I try to be humorous and witty, I can't help but think of a lawnmower with bad spark plugs. As you pull the chain to get the motor running, it just dies down over and over again.. finally the motor catches and well... you can cut the grass.

I need to write about things! Oct. 27th, 2009 @ 12:34 am
Yes I do.
I have much to write about... well only sometimes....
This is just a precursor of what's to come.
A teaser...
hmmm how much do I want to share....
*Applied for a Master's program as work, it would be a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering, the highest sought after job position
*My new job
*My new location
*My trip to the bayou last week, including my take on New Orleans
*Going to Las Vegas for a few days in November, a friend's bachelor party.
*Going to Moorestown, NJ for a week the following week and definitely spending one night in Philadelphia, stopping by to get that Philly Cheese steak sandwich...
*Going back home the following week for Thanksgiving Holiday and that weekend, my buddy is getting married
*Day after that wedding, I'll be flying back to LAX and immediately driving to San Diego for 3 weeks, only to return back in January & february...

Those are a few teasers... but I really need to take the time out of my day and really give this the attention that it needs.... Also, perhaps i take off these umm 8 year old photos of me... I mean yeah its been awhile...

You're my boy blue! Oct. 25th, 2009 @ 02:13 pm
So me and my friends went out to bogies tonight... This old man was looking for a friend, i guess and saw us and offered to buy us and any woman we brought around a drink. We accepted and hung out with the old man. An hour or so later, I decided the old man had bought too much. I bought him a drink, a Corona, and as I guessed, he appreciated it. He then gave me what I thought was a 20 dollar bill and wouldn't have it back. later in the night me and my friends went to IN and OUT burger and when I was going to pay, I pulled out that 20 dollar bill to find out it was in fact a hundred dollar bill. haha, that made me happy. :-)

there's an inbox now? Apr. 1st, 2009 @ 08:49 pm
heh... how long has that been around?
Other entries
» decisions decisions decisions
Wow... I was planning on calling and accepting my first offer in about 5 minutes... Then i receive a new job offer that pays more.... But what do I really want to do? work in the background of the first job as a logistics engineer and be involved with weapons testing and development type of engineering and get paid not too much less then the 2nd job offer or work on the maintaining of weapon systems and the general maintenance of Aircraft carriers, battleships, and submarines? Both very exciting jobs for an entry level engineering position...

I even called about 45 minutes ago to officially accept that first offer but the lady at the desk didn't answer... What a difference an hour makes, what a difference 5 minutes makes... I'll have to decide soon... and review offers next to eachother and see which is most appealing.
» hmmm...
I got to start visiting this place again... I need to also post a new pic... wow, that was a long time ago. also... its odd I only seem to come to this site when I'm procrastinating on something. Currently its for an exam.
» So what the hell have I been up to?
so what the hell have I been up to?? right now I'm in Albuquerque working with GE Aviation as a co-op who is a process engineer. I'm working my ass off and I seem to have a good rep among the engineers which is good news to me. I'm currently getting ready for this big event that I'll be apart of where various Vice Presidents of GE will be coming down as well as the General Manager and we'll be working with them to reduce cost and increase efficiency. So the various team leaders at my plant who are preparing the teams for the higher ups were from what I hear arguing for my support on their team. :-D

Until yesterday I as well as a lot of other people were really worried about the possibility of a STRIKE. and apparently the vote to ratify the new agreement was marginal at best. It was ratified barely.

Friday I did this Relay for Life thing where me and other co-workers as well as the plant manager walked all night to help raise money for Cancer. After that long night I went to this other event to raise money for some kids hospital but really, I went to that event cause it involved Mud Volleyball, It was freaking great. Only I was to tired too excel in the game, but it was fun nonetheless. I got home after not having much sleep at all and slept until sunday. I slept short of 18 hours lol.

Oh yeah I've finally have gotten serious about weight lifting and eating better. Which is great news to me.
» An interesting compliment
One of the Process Engineers that I'm working with paid me an interesting compliment today. She said, that I had the personality and potential to one day become a CEO. That makes me very happy. Then earlier today I took one of them facebook surveys and the result came out as "Tied!" It had me tied as a Business Major and something relating to Physics. My major is Mechanical Engineering and Communication Studies. I want to go back to school to get my masters in business administration one day. All this because my goals before have been to become a CEO one day. I just liked how all that kinda worked out today.
» Dreaming of You
Last night was great. I had such a good time. Probably one of the best times I've had here in Albuquerque. So Last night was St. Patty's day. I decided to go to Beningan's with two of my friends, Trisha and Liliana. Anyways so I pick them up and we head over there and Trish calls up one of her co-workers and he ends up meeting us there. He was Josh. Anyways, so we're all there and eating apetizers and drinking green beer and me and Josh are checking out this DJ who is freaking hot. She like 5'4" and has a great body (coca-cola bottle) and pretty face. So we're checking her out and well she's the DJ and tonight at Beningans they are doing Karoake night. It's pretty cool. I would later find out her name is April. So we're drinking and having fun talking and the girls we're with are trying to pick out a song. The first song by carrie underwood "Before he cheats" was not in the book. So the girls are like ask her if she has it. I'm nervous and am taking every oppotunity I get to talk with this girl and she justs gives me a different book and says to look in that one. So yeah its not in that one either. So the girls and josh are like, ask her if she has it or if she could pull some strings and get it. I'm like err.. So i talk with her again but didn't want to ask her to pull strings to get it. Anyways she's like "no i don't have it, its too new and I haven't had a chance to load it yet." so I ask her if she has the "cliff's notes version" and she's like huh? I'm like the "cliff's notes version" sinking back into my chair. she gives me a funny look and I'm just like uh nevermind I'm just messing. (btw, I'm just babbling right now)

Fast forward. So Josh is like "dude, ask her if she has any Selena songs." and I do and she gives me back the first book. Sure enough they do. And then I find myself thinking to myself, She kinda resembles Selena, only the Jeniffer Lopez version. So I tell Josh, Man you're right she does look like Selena. This girl has a beautiful voice too, she's sang twice already that night by this time.

So I've already spoken to this girl April about stupid little things and anything I can think to speak to her about. Josh gets this idea that I should ask her to sing me "Dreaming of You" by Selena. I'm like what!? nah.. damn. but then I do. She says, Yeah i'll sing that. So the girls finally decide on a song 2 hours later or so. and its a song by the dixie chicks and they sing it. So yeah about an hour passes by. And a few other people have sung and she still hasn't sung me Selena.

So I ask her, "When are you going to sing me Selena?" and she says' "Oh I forgot! I'll sing that in a little bit." So like two more people sing again and finally, the other DJ comes on and is like oh and this is a special dedication to Richard. And she starts singing "Dreaming of you" and I'm like Oh shit she's doing it. and she's like singing it and she looks at me every so often and I'm just dumbfounded. I mean I would never request that song on a typical day but Josh was like ask her and honestly i didn't think she would, but damn I must've been red. I couldn't believe it. So I ask for her number after the song is over. and its really quiet all of a sudden. she takes about 3 to 5 seconds before she starts to respond. She tells me she has a boyfriend but says I can buy her shot. I'm like damn and felt really small at that point. But I let out a big smile, and am like "Sure! what do you want? I'll have the bartender bring you something down." "She's like "No, you have to take the shot with me." I'm like "Ummm ok but really quickly cause my friends are waiting on me outside." So she wanted Patron and I go get two shots of Patron, We down them together. And then she says, "you know what take my number down cause I also work at _(something)___Tavern or Tavern_(something)____ on Tuesdays and Thursday and I'd like you to call me." I was dumbfounded. she said something about her phone number and then I only picked up parts of the next few words taht came out of her mouth. So I wrote it down and I'll probably call her tomorrow, Monday. I looked through the phone book today and couldn't find any place called something Tavern or whatnot.
So yeah... now I'm wondering .... did she really have a boyfriend? or was that just something she tells people while she is at work? and should I call her tomorrow or maybe on Tuesday or just show up at any place with Tavern in the name of the establishment? She was hot!


Yeha so after that we went to Downtown and had a really good time there at this dive bar. there was a band playing and it was a pretty good time there. I had a good time there too. I was just standing around and all of a sudden this pretty girl comes up to me and starts dancing on me, so yeah I danced too. All in all I had a really good time yesterday.
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