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GOT to HAVE it - Dickie's Journal

About GOT to HAVE it

Previous Entry GOT to HAVE it Feb. 14th, 2010 @ 09:36 pm Next Entry
Commenting on my sister's "kids" on a wall post on facebook.
Richard Anthony Campos LOL and since when do you got kids?!
Lil sis: Kids what?!
Me: Children: Mayra Alejandra Alvarez (And btw, you're a horrible parent, not even knowing your kids!)
Friend of other sis who decided to butt in: Richard, the correct term is "have kids". LOL jk =D
Me: GET this April, No one asked for you input! GOT it? Now GET going while the GETTINGS good! GOT it?!
April: lol yea yea. It's "HAVE". LOL
Me: Let me try it again, HAVE this April, No one asked you for your input! HAVE it? Now HAVE going while the HAVINGS good! HAVE it?!.... Nope, obviously, you need to revisit who taught you to spoke english.
April: LMAO. Boy, that sea air is doing wonders for you!
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