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Doorknob - Dickie's Journal

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Previous Entry Doorknob Jul. 10th, 2011 @ 01:17 pm Next Entry
I posted this on my buddy Mike's facebook wall.

Hey buddy. This is one of those stories I gotta tell you about, you'd appreciate it and say something like, that kinda stuff always happens to ONLY you rich...

Ok so there's this patio, right..? and this patio is supported by a few structure pipes, 2-3 inches and made of metal. cemented to the ground and supported at the top by, well i didn't get a chance to check...

Anyways, remember that game "doorknob?" You know the one, the one where if someone farts, they have to say "safety" and if they don't people playing in the game can yell out "doorknob!" You know the one, right? Yelling doorknob causes the person who farted take off in a sprint and find a doorknob to touch. While the person is running to a doorknob, the other people playing can be punching and hitting the person looking for the doorknob until they touch it.

So, well, Friday night, me and my roommate and another friend of mine were just about to leave this house party, it was getting late and well there weren't many opportunites there. Anyways, this guy playing the game with my roommate and i, farted. My roommate yelled "doorknob!" Dude takes off running, as do I and I'm right behind him. Anyways, this guy, its his house, so he knows the lay of the land pretty well and manages to dodge every obstacle. Me on the other hand, I don't know the house all that well and I'm just about to grab the guy to start hitting him, when this pole comes out of no where. I run right into the pole head first and literally take it out. I mean I take it out, the pole is no longer supporting the patio roof, its on the ground, as am I.

My roommate, who was right behind me in the chase says this, I see you running and suddenly you fall onto your knees. I heard the metal pings and dings of the metal pipe land on the floor, and then see blood start gushing out.

Haha, dude, it was funny. Anyways, 7 hours later, I got 10 stitches across my head. But hey I don't know many people who can say they got in a fight with a pole and won. Richard vs Pole: 1 to 0.

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